Survey shows 74% want pay TV in interior
quinta-feira, 30 de maio de 2002 , 16h54 | POR REDAÇÃO

Adelphia (ViacaboTV) maintains the strategy of commissioning and publishing market surveys in the cities where it operates. The latest survey, completed this week in a medium-size city in the interior, presents valuable data on the degree of interest in pay television. Roughly 18% of respondents already had pay TV, and 74% of the rest said they couldn?t afford to subscribe but wanted to if given the opportunity. Of those who wanted pay TV, 46% would be willing to pay between 31 reals and 45 reals per month (now about 12-18 US dollars), 27% between 21 reals and 30 reals (8.50-12 USD), and only 13% more than 45 reals. Seventeen per cent of the entire sample had Internet access: 49% of these said they would pay between 40 reals and 60 reals per month (16-24 USD) for a high-speed broadband service via cable modem, while 32% were prepared to pay between 61 reals and 80 reals (24-32 USD). The survey also profiled channel preferences. Seventeen per cent of the sample said they preferred movies, 16% news, 13% sport, 10% soaps, 10% comedy, 9% talk shows, 6% documentaries, 6% reality shows, 4% quizzes and other audience participation shows, and 2% cartoons, series, musicals and similar shows. The most-watched broadcast channel was Globo with 49%, followed by SBT with 29%. Adelphia doesn?t disclose the names or locations of the cities it surveys for strategic reasons.


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