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Anatel warns Vésper for violating mobility restrictions
quinta-feira, 01 de agosto de 2002 , 18h08 | POR REDAÇÃO

Vésper was warned by Anatel Monday, July 29, for violating the terms of its license as a fixed-line competitive local exchange carrier by providing handsets all but identical to mobile phones that enable subscribers to place and receive calls within a certain radius of their homes or offices. The warning was issued by Anatel?s office for private services on the same day as a court of law granted an injunction to Telemig Celular and Amazônia Celular prohibiting the sale of Vésper?s ?portable? service in Region 1. Anatel?s official justification for the warning is that other telcos complained in terms characterizing the provision of a ?cellular mobile? service by Vésper. "Anatel has notified Vésper that it will have to stop delivering service in this manner,? said Jarbas Valente, who heads the office for private services. The office for public services will now be asked for a ruling. Meanwhile, Anatel has initiated a potentially punitive procedure (Portuguese-language acronym PADO) to find out whether Vésper is in fact legally liable for violating the terms of its license. According to Jarbas Valente, Telesp Celular, Telemig Celular and Telemar have filed complaints against Vésper, as has ABTN, the national trunking association.


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