Executive of América Móvil appointed to head ATL
quinta-feira, 01 de agosto de 2002 , 18h08 | POR REDAÇÃO

América Móvil, a Mexican company that is acquiring a controlling stake in Telecom Americas, has appointed Rogelio Viesca, formerly executive president of Porta, its mobile phone subsidiary in Ecuador, to head ATL?s regional operations. According to well-informed sources, Mr Viesca?s mission in Brazil is to oversee a merger of the telcos that currently belong to Telecom Americas: ATL, Telet, Americel, and Tess. However, Telecom Americas CEO and ATL President Carlos Henrique Moreira says Mr Viesca is an employee of ATL and his job will be merely to build synergy with other group companies. ?It?s similar in my own case,? he says. ?I?m president of ATL but I?m also responsible for the interests of Telecom Americas in all four telcos.? Mr Viesca took office July 29.
Asked about migration to PCS, Carlos Henrique Moreira says Telecom Americas is waiting to see the results of the public consultation on the rules for migrating. It may decide to migrate but then again it may not. Anatel has made migration to PCS a precondition for mergers before current licenses expire.
Bell Canada
Last week Bell Canada International (BCI) announced the sale to América Móvil of its 39.1% stake in the Telecom Americas consortium. América Móvil also holds an option to buy SBC?s 11.1% holding in the consortium. If it exercises, the Mexican group?s stake in Telecom Americas will rise from 42% to 93%.


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