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Telefonica interconnects with TIM
quinta-feira, 03 de outubro de 2002 , 18h40 | POR REDAÇÃO

Telefonica São Paulo at last opened its network for interconnection with TIM Brazil?s PCS operations on Tuesday, October 1. The ILEC declined to confirm this move, claiming not to have received a counter-proposal on the interconnect rate (VU-M) to be paid by the mobile carrier, but Anatel says the two networks are interoperating normally. The law obliges them to, it stresses, regardless of disagreements on rates and it would have intervened if Telefonica had refused access to its network. TIM Brazil now completes calls to every network in all locations covered, for a total of 54 interconnections with fixed-line and mobile carriers. Until last week only BCP and Telefonica weren?t on the list.


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