Qualcomm still negotiating sale of Vésper
quinta-feira, 04 de julho de 2002 , 16h38 | POR REDAÇÃO

For six months Qualcomm has been talking to a prospective buyer of Vésper, a competitive local exchange carrier, according to Marco Aurélio de Almeida Rodrigues, president of Qualcomm Brazil. A few months ago Irwin Jacobs, CEO of the U.S.-based parent company, said Qualcomm expects to sell Vésper before the end of 2002, but Mr Rodrigues thinks this is looking difficult in the current business climate. Qualcomm?s interest in divesting has nothing to do with Vésper?s financial situation, he stresses. It?s part of the company?s global strategy to invest in operations for a limited time here or there. He gives no indication of the prospective buyer?s identity.


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