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TCO will adopt GSM if Telefonica does
quinta-feira, 08 de agosto de 2002 , 18h29 | POR REDAÇÃO

Mario Cesar Araújo, president of TCO/NBT, says the cellular carrier will follow in the footsteps of Telefonica as far as migrating to PCS is concerned. TCO is currently running trials with CDMA in Brasília and plans to start a GSM trial in Goiânia next month to analyze network overlay costs. According to Mr Araújo, however, the final decision will depend on what Telefonica and the other major players do. The signs are they?ll opt for GSM, he says. ?If they do, we?ll migrate to GSM as well. That means we?ll need additional frequencies in the 1800 MHz band. " He won?t let on whether TCO will bid for PCS leftovers at the upcoming auction to be held by Anatel. Last time Anatel offered leftovers, TCO and Telemar registered as bidders but pulled out at the last moment without even opening their sealed bid envelopes.


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