Brasil Telecom: no progress with acquisitions
quinta-feira, 10 de outubro de 2002 , 17h39 | POR REDAÇÃO

The controlling shareholders of Intelig and Globenet were unimpressed by Brasil Telecom?s initial offers. Negotiations are bogged down and don?t seem to be heading anywhere. In Intelig?s case both sides seem to have dug in their heels. As for Globenet, the price and payment terms offered for the 360americas submarine cable are considered far short of expectations, although no details are known. No progress has been made with the attempt to acquire MetroRED either, according to well-informed sources. Brasil Telecom?s board gave the green light for acquisitions before the departure of Telecom Italia. The strategy pursued by the ILEC is to complete a nationwide long-distance network with an international outlet. Hence it makes no sense for BrT to close with Globenet unless it acquires Intelig as well. Because BrT hasn?t invested in early completion of coverage and other regulatory targets, it can?t acquire more than 19.9% of any other telco until the end of next year. Nothing prevents it from holding an option to buy the rest, however. It recently signed such a deal with Vant, although this transaction was fiercely criticized by competitors as configuring de facto control and Anatel has initiated administrative proceedings.


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