Tyco suspends new sales in Latin America
quinta-feira, 10 de outubro de 2002 , 17h39 | POR REDAÇÃO

Tyco Telecommunications has suspended new sales of international broadband capacity in Latin America and will prioritize North America, Europe and Asia from now on. Tyco owns 6% of the Emergia submarine ring controlled by Telefonica, linking the Americas via the Atlantic and Pacific. It has been acting as a carrier?s carrier in Latin America for some time and says existing contracts will be performed until expiration. Renewal will depend on the state of the global telecoms market at the time. New contracts will be signed only with companies interested in purchasing backbone capacity from Tyco Global Network (TGN), for traffic between the U.S. and Europe or Asia. Tyco?s strategy for Latin America now focuses on leveraging Emergia and supplying submarine cable installation services. Tyco Telecommunications, a subsidiary of Tyco International, resulted from last year?s reabsorption of Tycom, a former spinoff. It was preparing to open an office in São Paulo and had applied to Anatel for a multimedia (SCM) license, but all further plans have been dropped because of the global telecoms crisis. Additionally, Tyco International is in difficulties due to charges of accounting fraud against former executives.


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