Vésper resumes sales of ?portable? handsets
quinta-feira, 10 de outubro de 2002 , 17h39 | POR REDAÇÃO

Sales of Vésper Portátil have resumed in Campinas, São Paulo State, according to an announcement made by Vésper on Thursday, October 3. Anatel gave the go-ahead on September 24 but told Vésper to modify its base stations so as to limit the handset?s mobility because Vésper is licensed to provide only fixed-line service. Previously, Anatel had slapped an injunction on Vésper?s sales of the service, which then allowed unlimited mobility and handoff within the coverage area, after cellular carriers complained of unfair competition. Vésper Portátil handsets are selling again in Campinas for the same price as before: 329 Brazilian Reals (now about 85 US Dollars) including a month of unlimited calls to fixed lines on weekends. Vésper promised Anatel that its network will be adapted to limit mobility within 180 days, starting on September 24. Sales will resume one city at a time as adaptation proceeds. São Paulo, the largest city in Vésper?s area (Regions I and II), is expected to have the service back on stream by the end of October.


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