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Anatel certifies Telemar ? Oi goes live June 22
quinta-feira, 20 de junho de 2002 , 21h02 | POR REDAÇÃO

Anatel has certified all 16 regional operators controlled by Telemar as compliant with regulatory targets for universal access and quality of service. An official notice was published Wednesday, June 19, in the Federal Register (Diário Oficial da União). A license will now be granted to Oi, Telemar?s PCS arm, which must then publish its price list for two days and will be able to go live on Saturday, June 22. Telemar was the third telco to apply for an audit of early target fulfillment. It was preceded by Telefonica and CTBC Telecom. Anatel director José Leite Pereira says previous experience enabled this audit to be completed faster despite a large number of complaints received from the public, especially about Telerj, the local carrier in Rio de Janeiro State. Anatel received no fewer than 10,286 complaints against Telerj between March 21 and April 22. At least 30% related to non-compliance with the universal-access requirement. An additional 3,429 complaints were received in the ensuing two weeks of public consultation on the audit. Anatel checked 10% of each type of complaint by random sample, leaving the rest to consultants Ernst &Young.


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