Operators want more time to migrate to PCS
quinta-feira, 29 de agosto de 2002 , 18h04 | POR REDAÇÃO

In the public consultation on the rules for migration from cellular (Portuguese-language acronym SMC) to PCS (SMP), some operators pressed for six months to complete the transition. Anatel proposed migration immediately after signing the license contract. According to Telefonica, for example, more time is needed to adapt outside plant, include a prepaid platform, and upgrade billing as well as internal systems. It also alludes to difficulties in negotiating equipment and software upgrades with vendors, not least because production has been discontinued in some cases. Another problem, it says, would be the need for unilateral termination of contracts with customers and a complete revamp of service plans. According to Intelig?s submission to the consultation, changes to mobile systems also affect long-distance carriers and this too requires more time. As an equipment vendor, Siemens suggested not only extra time but also a task force comprising vendors and operators under Anatel?s coordination to facilitate the changes.


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