Telecom Americas unifies billing with Amdocs
quinta-feira, 29 de agosto de 2002 , 18h04 | POR REDAÇÃO

The Telecom Americas consortium plans to have unified billing in place by November for its four mobile carriers, ATL, Telet, Americel, and Tess. The first three already use the Amdocs platform. Tess has signed on with Amdocs too but is still in mid-implementation. According to Hilário José Calvet Filho, ATL?s director of engineering, unified billing will generate significant cost savings as well as paving the way for future consolidation of the four operators. The consortium is also evaluating each operator?s technological resources with a view to adoption by other operators it controls elsewhere in Brazil. Mr Calvet was speaking at the 6th Telecom Seminar in São Paulo on Tuesday, August 27.


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